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Welcome to my Website

My name is  Esther Diplock  and I am a counsellor and educator in private practice.

I have a passion and commitment to see healing and wholeness in people's lives. I love to journey with those who are seeking to find ways of living in peace, with joy.


Counselling and Professional Supervision
Within my private practice I offer both counselling  and  professional supervision.

I have a strong interest in the human services field and in chaplaincy. I am committed to supporting workers to fulfil their important role as carers within human service agencies and within schools.


Both Individual and Group Work
In addition to my work with individuals, I am passionate about seeing  transformative healing  happen within community and group settings.


Choose Life, Love, Healing ...
I am not the 'expert' when it comes to you! Instead, I desire to create a supportive environment where you can find the courage and strength to  Choose Life, Love, and Healing!

Esther Diplock (Jenyns)


What Esther's clients say ...

  • "Esther has provided me with a safe, supportive and creative space in which to heal my life. I have been able to reframe experiences from the past, allow grief to be felt and start holding hope for my future. If my thoughts patterns were a house then they have had a full renovation, and now we are working on adding wonderful, new extensions! The best decision I have ever made was making my first appointment with Esther, and I encourage anyone considering seeking help to do so - you are worth it!"  - Katherine, late 20's

  • "Counselling with Esther opened up the path to healing for me. Over time I gained tools to help myself, as well as awareness that has been invaluable in learning to walk free..."  - Male, early 30's.

  • "Esther creates a space that is MY space. She has a gift for noticing and finding the significant in what I thought to be insignificant. I've done a lot of growing in this space."  - Deb, mid 30's.  (Sessions occurred over a 3 year period.)
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Life, Love, Healing