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Let me introduce myself. I look forward to working with you in the future.

I am passionately committed to journeying with and facilitating growth.

I am a university trained and qualified Counsellor, Supervisor and Educator in my own private practice, Choose Life Counselling.

I hold a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (B. Occ. Thy) from the University of Queensland and a Master of Counselling (M Couns) from Christian Heritage College.

I have been counselling professionally since 2005 and was registered as an Occupational Therapist from 1996.

Clinical memberships I hold include: Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) and Christian Counsellors Association of Australia (CCAA).

Throughout my Occupational Therapy training, I worked as a support worker for people with psychiatric, intellectual and physical disability and in aged care.

As an Occupational Therapist I have worked in both community and government settings, specializing in the disability field.

Currently and since 2005 I have lectured in tertiary institutions, including Christian Heritage College (CHC) and the Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP), lecturing in topics such as: Counselling formation, counselling skills, trauma and grief therapy and group process.

I thrive on journeying with people who are seeking to create freedom, life, and rest within their lives.

I commit to respecting the values and practices of all who come to meet with me.

An area of strong interest is the human services field and chaplaincy. I am committed to supporting workers to fulfil their important role as carers within human service agencies and schools.

In addition to my work with individuals, I am passionate about seeing transformative healing happen within community and group settings.

Working alongside a Spiritual Director, I enjoy facilitating spaces for quiet reflection, spiritual development and community growth.

Along with my husband, William, I specialise in the area of inviting and working towards Gender Equity and Reconciliation Australia in our country, particularly through offering workshops. The purpose of ‘Gender Equity and Reconciliation Australia’ workshops is to bring women and men together into a group setting, facilitate a deeply safe and spiritual containment, which invites and leads to healing of the wounds between women and men. I believe this work is so vitally needed, as we look around our culture and our world and see the high levels of violence, abuse, and trauma occurring between the genders. The South African parliament have been embracing the need for Reconciliation between the Genders, as it follows on from the ‘Truth and Reconciliation work’ between races that Desmond Tutu, is so well known for facilitating. In India, Colombia and the USA this work is also thriving. Whilst our gender wounds in Australia can appear to be more private and easier to overlook, the reality is that abuse, violence, discrimination and wounds between us, as women and men, are causing much pain in our country. I feel very privileged to be involved in raising awareness and inviting reconciliation in this area.

On a lighter note I live in a beautiful tree house, with birds, possums, a veranda which invites me into stillness and a herb garden which nourishes more than just my soul.

I have a love of nature, and spend much of my free time with family and friends.

Oh, and I love to laugh and play!

It is my desire to create a supportive environment where you can find the courage and strength to Choose Life, Love, and Healing!

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Esther Diplock - Counselling

My name is  Esther Diplock  and I am a counsellor and educator in private practice.

I have a passion and commitment to see healing and wholeness in people's lives.

I love to journey with those who are seeking to find ways of living in peace, with joy.

Choose Life, Love, Healing ...

I am not the 'expert' when it comes to you! Instead, I desire to create a supportive environment where you can find the courage and strength to  Choose Life, Love, and Healing!

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