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The list below is a work-in-progress. More artwork will be added from time to time.


Bees in a slow dance

Experimenting with Mindfulness & Finding Peace

Winter grasping at the hands of spring
Bees in a slow dance
Caress lavender's soft cheek
Milky legs
Let them sink in soil
It's okay to rest here
It's okay to rest


Created by Alice
Used with Permission


Esther Diplock - Counselling

My name is  Esther Diplock  and I am a counsellor and educator in private practice.

I have a passion and commitment to see healing and wholeness in people's lives.

I love to journey with those who are seeking to find ways of living in peace, with joy.

Choose Life, Love, Healing ...

I am not the 'expert' when it comes to you! Instead, I desire to create a supportive environment where you can find the courage and strength to  Choose Life, Love, and Healing!

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Life, Love, Healing

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